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Wells Family Trees

Beatrice lived at home with her parents until she married Leslie Macdougall on 9 September 1912.

The challenge of being married to a Methodist Minister was something she happily took on, although it did mean she was living far away from her family at times. 

Beatrice's autobiography is very informative and well worth reading.

Harry and Elizabeth Wells were very family orientated and always reading to give a hand.
It is interesting reading about birth of Leslie and Beatrice's three daughters. Beatrice was living in New Norfolk for the birth of Winsome, and Penguin for Dorothy and Margaret. Beatrice went to live with her parents weeks before and after the birth.

Beatrice and her sister Winifred were very close. Winifred married Arthur Tregear, a friend of Leslie Macdougalls. It was Arthur who introduced Leslie to Beatrice on a train from Zeehan to Burnie on 17 April 1911.  Leslie married Arthur and Winifred on 8 November 1911 and proposed to Beatrice on 10 November 1911.

Winifred and Arthur had two children, Enid and Kenneth. Whenever there was an opportunity for the two families to get together, they took it. Macdougalls usually spent their holidays in Hobart with their families - the Macdougalls, Wells and Tregears. Their homes were always open.

Brother Gladsone was away in Europe during WW1. While in England during the War, Gladstone met his cousin Dorothy Cook.  They married in Hobart on 25 December 1919. Gladstone worked in New Guinea in a Goverment post until he retired in 1956. He and Dorothy returned to England.

Beatrice and Winifred had a memorable 7 months away together in England and Europe in 1958, meeting family who they had only heard of before. Beatrice's diary is very informative about that visit.

Beatrice's husband Leslie died on 8 February 1949, Winifred's husband Arthur died 4 March 1949 and their mother Elizabeth died 19 October 1950.  They were difficult times for Beatrice as she was living in Melbourne and they in Hobart.  Over the next couple of years Winifred, Enid and Kenneth and their families all came to live in Melbourne.

Beatrice and Winifred met regularly in the city for lunch, also visited each other in the homes for lunch.  Beatrice loved her home and garden after living for 33 years in Parsonages.

Beatrice wrote a diary from 1953-1978. These diaries, along with Leslie's diaries 1895-1948 are available on a 16GB USB should you wish to read more about life in Tasmania and Victoria in those early years.

Harry & Elizabeth Wells with baby Beatrice 17 January 1889

Beatrice, Winifred and Gladstone 1899

Harry & Elizabeth Wells 25th wedding anniversary 8 November 1912

Winifred with Enid & Ken and Grandma Wells visit Macdougalls in Penguin 5 March 1921

Elizabeth Wells doing her pillow lace work 12 February 1940

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