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Family Collages

Beatrice Macdougall

Beatrice Macdougall wrote a diary from 1953 - 1978.  She had been a widow for 4 years when she commenced writing her diary, but there are several years missing. Beatrice ceased writing after she turned 90 in September 1978. During the next 5 years Beatrice was in care and passed away on 8 November 1983, just 6 weeks after her 95th birthday.

Beatrice was a devoted wife to Leslie Macdougall for 37 years and widowed for another 34 years. She always spoke of her deceased husband as her beloved and in such endearing ways. Leslie and Beatrice retired to their home in Brighton in 1945. That was something so special after living in Parsonages and Railway houses all her life. In 1957 Beatrice moved to Burwood to be closer to her two daughters Winsome and Margaret.

After Beatrice and Winifred lost their Mother and husbands, Winifred Tregear came to live in Melbourne.  The two sisters met in the city regularly and visited each other at home for lunch frequently. In 1958 Winifred and Beatrice travelled to England to meet family of their parents and their brother Gladstone who had been living there since 1950.

Beatrice kept in touch with Winsome and Margaret who lived in Melbourne and Dorothy lived in Sydney. Winsome had two girls, Joy and Dawn who married and produced 5 grandchildren for Beatrice.  Margaret had two children who married and produced a further 5 grandchildren. Dorothy married a widow in 1970 at the age of 52 years.

Beatrice attended Methodist Ministers Wives meetings and the local Ladies Guild. She did enjoy her dressmaking, garden and fruit trees, and a willing minder of the family pets while they went on holidays.  Beatrice was a gracious and wise lady who never interferred in family matters.

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The presentation includes the diaries of Leslie Macdougall from 1895 - 1948, his Baptismal register, his Ledger of Preaching appointments, Love Letters, family photos and family trees, diaries of Beatrice Macdougall from 1953 - 1978 and extensive summaries year by year of all years written.

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