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Macdougall Family Trees

Information about the ancestors and descendants of William and Sarah Macdougall is available when reading Leslie Macdougall's diaries 1895 - 1948.

William Arthur Macdougall 15 April 1849 - 2 July 1930 and 
Sarah Ann Macdougall 17 August 1850 - 21 August 1941 had 6 children.
Leslie Stuart 4 March 1877 - 8 February 1949
Hugh Campbell 17 February 1881 - 7 August 1913
Ruby Fredrica 3 September 1882 -17 July 1972
Ila Aisbett (a twin) 5 October 1888 - 24 September 1960 
Olive May Oban (a twin) 5 October 1888 - 14 November 1975
Gwenneth Lenore 16 March 1892 - 31 October 1982

Leslie had 3 daughters, Hugh died at 32 years and single, Ruby was single, Ila had 2 children, Olive remained single, Gwenneth married but had no children.

Descendants of Leslie and Beatrice Macdougall - Winsome married Allan Petfield and had 2 daughters, Dorothy remained single until later in life, Margaret married Walter Fraser and they had 2 children.

Sarah's sister Suzannah married Charles D.Haywood, the Proprietor of C.D.Haywood & Co, Tasmania's best known biscuit makers.  Sarah and Suzannah's mother Elizabeth was firstly married to William Davidson, the first Superintendent of Tasmania's Botanical Gardens in Hobart in 1828. Elizabeth and William Davidson had five children before William died in 1837.  Elizabeth married a second time, she and Edward Allason and had six children.

Ancestors of William and Sarah are often spoken of in the diaries, particularly William's siblings.
Leslie can claim to have convict in his family.  His great grandfather was transported to Tasmania from Scotland in 1821.  Three years later John Macdougall and his son John Campbell Macdougall owned and edited the "Colonial Times" which ran in Tasmania for over 30 years, until 1855. Leslie's Grandfather was in the Printing business in Adelaide, Tasmania and Victoria. Leslie's uncle was the owner and editor of "Balmain Observer" in Sydney.

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Macdougall Family at home on King Island 9 September 1908
Sarah Macdougall with her sister Susannah Haywood September 1904

Sarah Macdougall flew from Melbourne to King Island 3 May 1934, met by Olive Macdougall

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